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hope dangles on a string

slow spinning perfection

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About Me:
Single?::At the moment.
If so, do you mind::Not really.
Do you like anyone::Yeah, but whatever happens is gonna happen.
Hair colour::Dark brown naturally; currently mostly a medium brown with growing out highlights and roots coming in.
Eye Colour::Green/hazel
Birthday::May 13
What do you want to be when your older::Translator/Interpreter of English/Japanese in Japan
Siblings::Two younger sisters
Zodiac Sign::Taurus/Monkey
Relious::(Do they mean religious?) Atheist, kind of interested in Buddhist principles
Grade::Summer break! XD 11-to-be
School::E.L. Bowsher High School
Nicknames::Rosie, Ro', Saria, JK
Named after anyone::I think maybe my grandmother. Sarah is the English version of Rosaria...
What time was it when you started this survey::Hell if I know. It's 9:20 now.
Do you think youll acually finish this survey::Yeah.
Middle name::Ann
Weight::More than it should be.
Any tattoos::Nah, not yet.
Piercings::Twice in my ears.
Innie or outie::Innie~
Long or short hair::Mm, it's kind of medium right now.
Curly or straight hair::Straight. Well, it has body, but you know.
Got a mobile::Yep!
TV or Movies::Movies
Rap or Pop::Pop
Cooking or Baking::I like either, really.
Favourite clothing brand::Uh. Hand-me-down?
Favourite Band::Not a fair question!!!
Favourite Singer/Artist::Not a fair question!!!
Favourite People::Oh, I love everyone.
Favourite Food::Mm, at the moment okonomiyaki sounds good...
Favourite Drink (non-alcholic)::Tea or water.
Favourite Drink::Sangria!
Smoke::I tried it once and coughed before inhaling. So no.
Read alot::Yep.
Blood type::B-
What are you doing right now::Being bored online, obviously.
What can you hear right now::The TV
Who are you thinking about::I wonder if Sensei's all finished yet... it shouldn't take that much now. We got most of it done yesterday.
Game::Ever? Shit, Mario.
Movie::Ehhhhh not fair.
Tv show::Anything lawyer/doctor based. xD
song at the moment::Not a fair question~
Day::Summer Solstice. Oh, or Christmas...
Time of the day::I like 1 PM
Eye colour::I like green.
Element::Mm... Is there a power of goodness? HEART!
Teacher::Sensei! But I love all my teachers...
Subject::Haha, Japanese.
Side of the bed::I sleep on the left of mine, so...
Person to be with::Mm... I like all my friends.
Radio station::Star 105.5
Word::At the moment, theoretically. I use it a lot right now...
Commercial::I don't know. xD
Cafe::Does Wixey's count as a cafe?
Resturant::I don't know. xD Chinese buffet.
Place to go::Japan!!
Friends house::... Um. I don't know.
Hair style::Up and out of the way!
Hairstyle on the opposite sex::Don't care, really.
Clothing Brand::Hand-me-down.
Country::They all really have their ups and downs. You can safely bet that it's not America, though.
Room in your house::Mine.
Dog or Cat::Cat, but I'm allergic...
Friend or Boyfriend/Girlfriend::Either or is fine.
Night or day::Day.
Single or not single::Don't really care.
Moon or sun::Moon!
Maths or English::English
Music or art::Music
Cloudy or Clear skys::ASHITA WA KITTO HARERUYA! (Clear.)
Glasses or contacts::Glasses, but I kind of want contacts...
Chocolate or vanilla::Vanilla
Ice or Lava::Lava. It's cool. But yuo can't touch...
Spiderman or Superman::Superman 'cause I hate spiders.
Books or magazines::Books
Tattoos or peircings::Oo... I like both...
Friends that are boys or friends that are girls::Either or.
Water or milk::Water
Have sex or make love::Honestly, it'd depend on the person. Not that I'd really just go out and have casual sex, but you can't label casual sex making love.
Give or receive(sexually)::I generally bottom.
Eat or Drink::Drink.
Skirt or dress::Dress.
Inside or outside::Inside.
homework or school work::Hm... homework.
Clean or messy::Clean.
Smoked::I tried. xD
Lied::Who hasn't?
Regretted kissing someone::Yep.
Had sex with a family member::...No.
Made out with a friend::Yeah.
Made out with someone::Yeah.
Eaten sushie::Just yesterday, actually.
Kept a secret from everyone::Everyone does.
Gone skinny dipping::Nope O_o;
Broken any bones::Nope!
Cheated on someone::I didn't think of it like that at the time, but yeah...
Been cheated on::It happens.
Eaten Dog food::I think I might've. We used to have a dog.
Eaten cat food::No.
Been Kissed in the rain::Nope, actually...
Lied to your parents::Only got away with it once!
Sneaked into a movie::Uh... I don't think so.
Had a stalker::If I did, I didn't know.
Stalked someone::Unintentionally.
Kissed someone of the same sex::Yep.
Dumped someone::Yeah.
Broken someones heart::Maybe.
Missed someone of the opposite sex::Yeah.
Made out with someone that wasnt single::Theoretically, yep. But it wasn't a crime, guys.
Tanned topless::No o.o
Talked to yourself outloud::All the time.
Been attacked by seagulls::For my food!!
Liked someone you shouldnt like::Yeah.
wanted someone you couldnt have::Mm... yeah.
Gotten someone pregant::No.
cried yourself to sleep::Yeah.
Played spin the bottle/7 mins in heaven::Spin the bottle at lunch but it was blow-kisses so it doesn't count.
Made a flip book::I think, maybe.
Said something and regretted it::Yeah.
Favourite eye colour::Any.
Hair colour::Any.
Height::Taller than me.
Similiar intrests to you::Doesn't really matter.
Loyal? ::YES.
Funny or serious::A mix of both.
Smoker or non-smoker::Don't care.
Drinker or non-drinker::Don't care.
Can play an instrument::Don't care.
Contacts or glasses::Don'te care.
Long or short hair::Depends on the person.
Tall or short::Tall.
Clothing style::Doesn't matter.
Big or little eyes::Eh, maybe on the bigger side.
Hot or Cute::Doesn't matter.
Sweet or sexy::Mm.. a mix,
Looks or personailty::Personality.
Intellegent?::Doesn't matter.
Quite or loud::Doesn't matter.
Biggest Turn on::Uh...
Turn off::FACE-EATING.
Romantic::Yeah. :3;
Do you like anyone now::Yeah, a little.
Do they like you back::I honestly do n't know.
Anyone on your mind::Not really.
Do you ever talk to your ex::Yeah.
Do you ever think about your ex::Yeah.
Are you over your ex::Mmhmm~
Best Relationship(s) ::That's not a cool question, man.
Wearing::Gym shirt, shorts, underwear
Thinking about::Showering
Wishing would happen::Someone would get on, xD
Looking foward to::Mmmm... I dono. Maybe Buffalo. Haven't been there since December.
Miss::I thikn I'm okay right now.
Supposed to be doing::Oh, I gotta wash those linens for Mom...
Listening to::Three Days Grace - Born Like This
Hugged::Does Moana count? I was holding her...
Told you loved::Mommy, probably.
Told you they loved you::... Mommy, probably.
Sung to::The computer screen~
Kissed::... I don't even know. xD
Wanted to see::Um... I just kinda take it in stride.
Gave something to::I gave Sensei help~
Touched::Probably Mom.
Santa::Not anymore.
The easter bunny::Nope.
Best Friends::Yeah!
Soul mates::Yep.
Last Person you texted::Probably Anh.
Wish you made::I don't remember
thing you thought::Trying to remember my wish. XDD
Person to IM you::Uhh... it was last night. I don't go back that far.
Email you got::From Emi!
Email you sent::To Emi!
Phone call you made::... uhhhhh... I don't feel like getting my phone. XDD But it was probably to Mommy.
Dream you had::An odd one, no doubt.
Annoyance::I don't know...
Fought with your parents::Not in a while.
Place you went::School?
Thing you ate::Piece of cake last night
Thing you drank::Tea.
Time played truth or dare::I don't even know.
Played spin the bottle::Last red day at lunch.
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